Project Case-study: Spa Complex

Spa Complex

New Build Project

In 2017 we were approached by a client to construct a Spa complex, the basic building construction design was complete but a large degree of input and design was still required in order to establish solutions for ground stabilisation conditions and plant and equipment installation within the Spa itself.

Swim, Spa & Gym



One of the main construction details was the installation of the swim spa itself, measuring 7m x 4m and weighing 4 tons empty the unit had to be fitted into a purpose built sump and the building constructed around it. In addition to the spa there was to be a gym, a steam room, a rest room and changing areas. We were also required to provide a humidity control system to monitor and maintain an environment that was comfortable whilst at the same time controlling levels of condensation.

Ground preparations

Another issue with the Spa was the fact that it was built into a hillside, we would be excavating to a depth of 3m adjacent to a highway, this ground would then have to be stabilised and retained in order to fit the development within the required area.


A well lit and fully equipped gym would be installed with a complex heating and environment control system.

Pool room

The pool room contains the swim spa, steam room and heated loungers, all under the watchful eye of the humidity control system. Natural beams and subtle lighting complete the tasteful atmosphere, whilst panoramic condensation free windows and Bi-fold doors provide stunning views across the hills.