Case-study: The Forge

The Forge

Barn Conversion Renovation

Dating from the mid to late 1800’s the Haematite Mining Company constructed a number of buildings in the village of Stank. Amongst the pit heads, pump houses and offices there was also a forge built to take care of the day to day manufacturing and repair requirements to keep the mining equipment operating. In later years a number of the buildings were demolished but the forge and the mansion house remained. The condition of the forge deteriorated, fell into disrepair and was used as a barn by the local farmers.

Project Details

LocationStank Village, Cumbria


Planning permission was obtained on the Forge by the farmer’s son, who approached us to consider the renovation. This was very challenging as the structure was extremely unstable. Key roofing members had failed resulting in the deformation of the supporting walls while the existing face brick was decayed and showing signs of subsidence.


The Forge, in its day,  had been built to very specific standards exhibiting relief and detail to the brick work normally associated with buildings of a more formal use. The client and us were keen to keep all of the original character of the building ensuring that it would satisfy the requirement of modern living and a maintenance free future.


The finished project looked amazing, we had rebuilt the roof, splicing in new timbers in place of those that had failed. Walls were reduced and rebuilt to take out the deformation caused by the roof. All of the decayed and damaged brickwork was renewed. The sandstone window sills were reproduced and hand crafted arched hardwood timber windows installed. A sunroom annex accessed by a glass tunnel and a new purpose built home for the resident owl added the finishing touches to the completed project.    

Finishing touches

The original roofing beams were retained and displayed within the new structure, a dramatic staircase adorns the glass fronted hallway, a modern kitchen, under floor heating and renewable energy all contribute to this project. In short the building exhibits all modern construction methods to combine 21st century living and comforts whilst retaining all of the building’s original external features and character.